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Updated AngelList Dashboard Tracks Portfolio Performance

Updated AngelList Dashboard Tracks Portfolio Performance
By Adam Sharp
Date July 14, 2020

Over recent months, AngelList has made some major updates to their investor dashboard (if you haven’t been given access to the new dashboard yet, they should be rolling it out to you soon).

To access the dashboard, log into and click on your picture in the upper right-hand corner. Then select “investor dashboard”. 

The biggest change to the dashboard is that you can now see your IRR (internal rate of return), total portfolio value, and multiple of return. IRR is an annual metric that shows the growth in the value of your companies over time (read more about IRR here). IRR and return multiple are both common metrics used to track startup investing success.

The dashboard also lets you see the success of individual investments you’ve made. However, you probably won’t be able to see every deal. Some companies don’t want to share this sensitive information with smaller investors. In those cases, the data is kept behind the scenes. If AngelList has the data, they will include it in your overall performance numbers — you just won’t be able to see it on a per-deal basis. 

Be sure to click on the “Insights” tab to see even more information on your investments’ performance. You can also see recent updates by clicking on the “Activity” tab. Keep in mind that if you’ve only been investing for a year or so, you probably won’t have that much performance data to see yet.

AngelList made several smaller aesthetic changes to the investor dashboard as well. Overall I think this is a great update that provides very useful data to help us evaluate our own performance. 

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