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The crypto markets are a bloodbath right now. Bitcoin crashed around 22% over the last week, dipping down to $26,638 on Thursday. And the crypto markets as a whole lost more than 16% of their overall capitalization overnight.  Investors are freaked out. So this calls for an emergency episode…
We received an email from a member recently that asked the following questions (and I’m paraphrasing): Why are underperforming coins still in the Crypto Asset Strategies portfolio? Why aren’t coins like ethereum, solana and others that have performed well in recent history in the Crypto Asset Strategies
Today we’re presenting Behind the Pick, a special edition of Crypto Monitor.  Last Friday, we recommended a new crypto to Crypto Asset Strategies subscribers: Stargate Finance. It’s an interoperability coin created by LayerZero, a startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital and other heavy hitters.
I’ve always been a fan of pick-and-shovel plays — especially in emerging technologies. Picking winners as the dynamics of the industry are constantly shifting is incredibly difficult. But if investors can identify the technology that any new technology can’t be built without, they’ve found a way to de-risk a potentially volatile investment while still cashing in on a…

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