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Invest in Fixing the Trucking Industry

By Andy Gordon on July 1, 2020

Deal Details Startup: Fleeting Security type: Crowd SAFE Discount: 20% Valuation (cap): $10 million Minimum investment: $100 Where to invest: Republic Deadline: Invest ASAP! Raise is almost filled up What I do is very simple. I try to find very small companies solving very big problems. Simple for me. Quite hard for the small company. Fleeting, though, is up to the task. It’s an 11-employee startup with a…

Crypto Talk: Why is Bitcoin Outperforming the S&P 500?

By Early Investing on June 18, 2020

Bitcoin has been trading around $9,500 for a little while now. And it’s up 31% on the year. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is down a little more than 4% for the year. Why is bitcoin performing so well? And just how bullish is bitcoin’s outlook? Those are…
Time is running out to invest in NowRx. When we urged you to invest last November, it was a compelling opportunity. Since then, it’s gone from compelling to irresistible. Growth has taken off. And Friday is…

Invest in the Startup That’s Securing Biometrics

By Andy Gordon on June 11, 2020

Deal Details Startup: Trust Stamp Security type: Preferred equity Valuation: $25 million Share price: $7.79 Stage: Series A Minimum investment: $997 Where to invest: SeedInvest Deadline: July 19.

COVID-19 Hasn’t Ruined Your Startup Investments

By Andy Gordon on June 4, 2020

One of these days (hopefully soon) my colleague Vin and I will sit down in front of a camera and discuss the best and worst things about startup investing in the middle of a pandemic. But before that happens, I’ve been tossing around a couple of ideas I…

TradeFox’s COVID-19 Pivot May Change Industry

By Andy Gordon on June 1, 2020

COVID-19 has hit TradeFox harder than most companies in our First Stage Investor portfolio. As a trade analytics company (primarily in scrap metal and recyclables), TradeFox provides business reports on more than 110,000 companies worldwide. It was doing great…
Much has changed since we recommended Winc last December. The popular direct-to-consumer wine company was one of the last pre-pandemic recommendations we made. Now lockdowns and quarantines have become our normal. And with so many of us stuck at home, meals have taken center stage in our lives. So it’s…

Crypto Update: Bitcoin Halving Edition

By Adam Sharp on May 11, 2020

The big day is finally here. Today marks the third bitcoin “halving” event. Halvings happen roughly every four years and reduce the amount of new bitcoin created by half. As many of you know, bitcoin is slowly “mined” over time by specialized computers that solve complex math equations. A new…

Investing in Video Games

By Adam Sharp on April 9, 2020

Adam Sharp invites a video game insider to help us understand the outlook for one of the few red-hot sectors in the middle of a pandemic-induced economic slowdown.

Equity Crowdfunding Deals Are Stronger Than Ever

By Adam Sharp on January 10, 2019

Adam gives an update on the recent influx of hot startup deals and explains how the market is maturing and deal quality and flow is improving.

2019 Investing Goals

By Allison Brickell on December 20, 2018

In this month’s poll, we’re asking about investment goals, future bitcoin prices and more.
In today’s Cannabis Report, we’re covering Michigan legalizing recreational marijuana and New Jersey taking steps toward legalization.

Did the Fed Just Blink?

By Adam Sharp on November 29, 2018

Back in October, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made it sound like interest rate hikes would continue indefinitely. But after the recent market turmoil, Powell appears to be taking a dovish approach.

Everything Is Falling Except This Group of Companies

By Andy Gordon on November 26, 2018

The market has been getting ugly recently. Everything is falling... except for one particular group of stocks.

Crypto Market Update

By Adam Sharp on November 20, 2018

It’s been a rough five days for crypto markets. If you own cryptocurrency for the long run like Adam does, the only thing you can do is hunker down and wait.

StartEngine Is Anticipating the SEC’s Next Moves

By Andy Gordon on November 19, 2018

Andy catches up with the CEO of StartEngine, one of the First Stage Investor portfolio holdings, and learns about new developments in the company.