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Startups Could Revolutionize the Supply Chain

By Allison Brickell on November 30, 2022

When the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global health emergency in January 2020, we had no idea how long-lasting COVID’s impact would be. Almost three years later, we’re still feeling the effects of the pandemic. People are still catching COVID. And the damage COVID did to the economy continues to linger. The pandemic crippled the global supply chain — and by extension, the global economy. Plants that made key parts, components and all sorts of products…

World Tree Adjusting to COVID-19 Disruptions

By Andy Gordon on April 13, 2020

World Tree explains how it's adjusting to the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investing in Video Games

By Adam Sharp on April 9, 2020

Adam Sharp invites a video game insider to help us understand the outlook for one of the few red-hot sectors in the middle of a pandemic-induced economic slowdown.

A Great Time for Startup Investing

By Adam Sharp on April 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing flaws in our economy - and creating a great opportunity for startup investors.
20/20 GeneSystems’ founder and CEO answers questions about the company moving into providing rapid COVID-19 tests.
20/20 GeneSystems founder and CEO answers questions about the company moving into providing rapid COVID-19 tests.

Startups Can Help Fight the Coronavirus

By Andy Gordon on March 18, 2020

Startups have a small but critical role in the global fight against the novel coronavirus.
Andy Gordon shares the story of a Seattle ER doctor helping fight the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Startup Bargain Hunting

By Adam Sharp on March 10, 2020

Reports of “broken” funding rounds are everywhere. This means savvy investors will see a growing number of quality opportunities.

The Fed vs. Fundamentals

By Adam Sharp on March 6, 2020

The battle is on, and Adam Sharp thinks the Fed is finally faltering. Could the bull market be over?

This Fragile Market

By Adam Sharp on February 28, 2020

Yes, the market is down 10% or so, but it could be much lower. Here’s why...

Crypto Monitor: Assessing the Coronavirus

By Early Investing on February 28, 2020

Adam Sharp and Vin Narayanan assess the impact of the novel coronavirus on the markets, debate whether where Binance is headquartered is important and talk about the new EU banking rules for crypto.

Remote Work May Be the Future (and the Present)

By Adam Sharp on February 25, 2020

The novel coronavirus has highlighted the importance of remote work. But remote work may solve many more important problems.

Crypto Market Update: Coronavirus Uncertainty

By Adam Sharp on February 21, 2020

Dear Member, Things have been looking up for crypto. Bitcoin’s bull market remains strong. The bitcoin halving coming up in May should keep things going. And altcoins are finally making some upward progress. Unfortunately, there is one X-factor I’m concerned about – the novel coronavirus. I have no idea how…