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New Pick: Invest in Smart Cities

By Andy Gordon on September 17, 2020

DEAL DETAILS Startup: Cityzenith Security type: Common stock Valuation: $27.4 million Price per share: $1.15 Minimum investment: $500.25 Where to invest: StartEngine Deadline: July 1, 2021 The building industry is probably facing its biggest challenge of the 21st century. It needs to build thousands of smart cities in the next three decades to accommodate a booming…
It’s full speed ahead for Cityzenith. We recommended the digital twin visualization software company to you last August. It’s made tremendous progress in almost 12 months. In fact, so many good things are happening at once, it’s hard to know where…

Invest in Streamlining the Construction Industry

By Andy Gordon on August 15, 2019

Andy Gordon recommends Cityzenith, a startup that’s disrupting the vastly inefficient construction industry.