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Last July, Coinbase asked the SEC to undergo a formal rulemaking process for crypto so that exchanges, crypto startups, and the crypto community at large would understand how to operate. The SEC sat on the request and chose not to respond to it. So last month Coinbase sued the SEC in an effort to make the agency do its job.  Well, the SEC has finally responded to the lawsuit… by saying…

Startup Insider: Inside LA Tech Week

By Early Investing on September 1, 2022

LA Tech Week is an event for founders, investors and all manner of tech enthusiasts to connect and learn. This year’s event, which ran from August 15 to August 21, was expected to draw a small number of people. But thousands showed up.
In the wake of yet another mass shooting, many Americans are outraged and terrified. While lawmakers continue to argue over gun control legislation, the effects of gun violence are being felt across the country.  That includes businesses too. The May 24 shooting in Uvalde, Texas —…

China’s Industrial Espionage Is Bad Policy

By Andy Gordon on October 23, 2019

China is in the news again for industrial espionage. And it’s a reflection of how far off course the country has gotten.
When seeking funding, a startup founder needs to sell their vision to investors. And investors need to challenge that vision. Here are some specific points both parties need to talk about in order to succeed.
Cannabis businesses need to learn from Icarus: Don’t fly too close to the sun. It could be your downfall.