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Startup Insider: On Naqi Logix’s Mind-Bending Technology

Startup Insider: On Naqi Logix’s Mind-Bending Technology

Imagine controlling a video game without a joystick, keyboard, or mouse… using only your mind.

It sounds like a combination of telepathy and telekinesis… and like something only Professor X or Magneto could do. But it’s very possible. Dave Segal, founder of Naqi Logix, has done it himself. And he wants to go much further than controlling video games.

Naqi Logix has created a hands-free, voice-free, and screen-free platform that allows users to control computers, robotic arms, wheelchairs, video games — pretty much anything in the digital or physical world. In this episode of Startup Insider, Vin Narayanan and Allison Brickell talk with Dave to learn how Naqi Logix’s technology came to be, who Dave wants to help using this technology, what’s next for the company (seeking new strategic partners, among other things), and more. 

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