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Startup Insider: Medtech Portfolio Company Changes Name

Startup Insider: Medtech Portfolio Company Changes Name
By Early Investing
Date February 7, 2022

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Future Cardia

Valuation $44,206,629
Total Raised $320,423

Heart failure is a massive health problem in the U.S. More than 6 million Americans have it. And it’s one of the most expensive health problems for patients to manage. 

Early detection is the key for effective treatment. But no company has been able to provide an affordable and powerful medical device to tackle early detection… except for Future Cardia, that is.

Future Cardia (previously known as Oracle Health) has developed a tiny implant that can be inserted under a patient’s skin in just two minutes. It collects billions of data points from different signals in the body, including electrocardiogram signals as well as heart and lung sounds. 

Andy Gordon first recommended Future Cardia about a year ago. And the company has made impressive progress since then. 

In this episode of Startup Insider, Andy and Vin Narayanan catch up with Future Cardia founder Jae Bang to learn why the company made the name change, how it plans to market its devices, how its data will serve patients and more.

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