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Startup Insider: Inside Arka’s Commitment to Sustainability

Startup Insider: Inside Arka’s Commitment to Sustainability
By Early Investing
Date December 8, 2022

We recommended Arka to First Stage Investor members last month. We were very impressed with the way the company is bringing the packaging and shipping industry into the 21st century. Its software-as-a-service solution enables actual packaging management for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) — the companies that act as inventory and shipping middlemen for e-commerce merchants. The software monitors the 3PL’s packaging quantity. When the quantity dwindles to a certain threshold, Arka automatically creates a shipping notice and sends it to a packaging supplier. 

Arka’s technology seems like a no-brainer. Here’s a direct quote from Andy’s recommendation: 

When I first learned about Arka, I couldn’t stop thinking: “How on earth does this technology not already exist?”

We wanted to learn more about how efficient Arka’s solution is and why 3PLs are so behind in adopting this kind of technology. So in this episode of Startup Insider, Allison Brickell and Andy Gordon chat with Arka founder and CEO Phillip Akhzar to dig deeper. Topics include the pain points of 3PLs, Arka’s commitment to sustainability and more.

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