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Founded: 2012

Country: Israel

Non-Accredited Investors: No

Business Selective: Yes

Investor Selective: Yes

Notable Alumni: Canaan, JVP, Accel

URL: https://www.ourcrowd.com/

In October of 2012, ¬†investors Jon Medved and Steven Blumgart founded Israel’s first equity crowdfunding platform, OurCrowd. The phenomenon has really caught on in the Israeli ¬†investment community, and the success story of OurCrowd illustrates it.

Limiting its membership to vetted businesses and accredited investors, OurCrowd is a place where power deals are made, with the minimum investment at $10,000. A year after launch, the service has raised over $20 million for its portfolio companies

OurCrowd’s website explicitly states its ambition to expand internationally. When it does, there will be an exciting new addition to the global web of equity crowdfunding portals.


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