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Crypto Insider: A Common Crypto Investing Misconception

Crypto Insider: A Common Crypto Investing Misconception

Crypto investing and startup investing have a lot in common. When evaluating startups and crypto projects (many of which are startups themselves), investors need to consider the technology or service being offered, its customer base, traction, scalability and — perhaps most importantly — its founding team.

But when investors are focused on a particular cryptocurrency, it can be hard for them to remember that the company behind the cryptocurrency is just as important. And the two don’t always follow the same path.

Investors often assume that investing in a great idea (the token itself) will always result in big gains if the business behind the token does well. But that’s not always the case.

In today’s Crypto Insider, Vin Narayanan and Allison Brickell sit down with special guest Brian Belley, vice president of product at KingsCrowd, to discuss this common misconception and how crypto investors can keep themselves informed and aware of the risks.

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