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Did the Fed Just Blink?

By Adam Sharp on November 29, 2018

Back in October, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made it sound like interest rate hikes would continue indefinitely. But after the recent market turmoil, Powell appears to be taking a dovish approach.

Everything Is Falling Except This Group of Companies

By Andy Gordon on November 26, 2018

The market has been getting ugly recently. Everything is falling... except for one particular group of stocks.

Crypto Market Update

By Adam Sharp on November 20, 2018

It’s been a rough five days for crypto markets. If you own cryptocurrency for the long run like Adam does, the only thing you can do is hunker down and wait.

Airdrop Alert: Omnicoin

By Vin Narayanan on November 20, 2018

The First Stage Investor Team recommends a new airdrop.

StartEngine Is Anticipating the SEC’s Next Moves

By Andy Gordon on November 19, 2018

Andy catches up with the CEO of StartEngine, one of the First Stage Investor portfolio holdings, and learns about new developments in the company.

Cyber Monday, Criminal Evidence and More

By Allison Brickell on November 15, 2018

Back in October, we polled First Stage Investor members about 5G technology, recreational marijuana, climate change and bitcoin futures. Here’s what we learned...

The New and Much Cooler 1%

By Andy Gordon on November 12, 2018

Things are only going to get worse for 99% of investors in the public markets. The good news is things are only getting better for you, the 1% who have embraced crowdfunding.

Why Did We Recommend a Huge Pot Stock?

By Adam Sharp on November 8, 2018

At first glance, Canopy Growth Corporation seems out of place in our portfolio of startups and cryptocurrencies. But it’s there for good reason.

Airdrop Alert: (RWRD)

By Andy Gordon on November 6, 2018

Editor’s Note: Airdrops are free crypto. Companies use airdrops to promote use and awareness of the coin. Investors hope the coins rise in value. There’s no risk in play here. But there are potential rewards to be gained. Airdrop Recommendation: Today I’m recommending members take advantage…

Seven Possibilities for Crypto’s Future

By Andy Gordon on November 5, 2018

It’s incredibly early for crypto. Yes, a lot has happened so far. But that’s nothing compared to the future. Nobody really knows how everything will play out. So much more awaits. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s mysterious. Which is why I love to hear predictions. And I heard a bunch…

New Recommendation: Canopy Growth Corporation

By Adam Sharp on November 1, 2018

Deal Details Type: Stock Ticker: NYSE: CGC Current price: $37.44 Buy up to: $40 Dear First Stage Investor, Cannabis stocks have been getting crushed right as Canada has begun selling legal recreational pot. It’s a typical “sell the news” reaction. There were such high expectations going in, it’s an understandable…

NowRx Plans to Expand

By Andy Gordon on October 29, 2018

What do I know now about First Stage Investor portfolio holding NowRx that I didn’t know before? A lot. Vin Narayanan (our Senior Managing Editor) and I had the pleasure of breaking bread with NowRx CEO Cary Breese and Chief Technology Officer Sumeet Sheokand last Friday in San Francisco. Vin…

Crypto Flight to Safety

By Adam Sharp on October 25, 2018

The crypto market has been holding up incredibly well over the last few months. It’s impressive, especially considering that markets have been dumping so-called “risk assets” like growth stocks. Tech stocks have been getting ripped up lately, but crypto has been steady through the storm so far. The market has…

Earn Bitcoin for Completing Simple Tasks

By Adam Sharp on October 23, 2018

Instead of a traditional airdrop recommendation, today I’m going to tell you about a unique way to earn bitcoin online. The service I’m talking about is Earn pays users to answer questions, complete surveys and do simple tasks on the web. Everything is paid out in bitcoin, and it…

Five Things You Can Learn From a Successful Investor

By Andy Gordon on October 22, 2018

You can learn a lot from extraordinary investors.

Will We Follow Canada’s Lead?

By Allison Brickell on October 18, 2018

A few weeks ago, we polled First Stage Investor members about a journey to the moon, national debt anxiety, password management and reasons for crypto ownership. Here’s what we learned… We’re a little surprised so many of you would turn down a free trip to the moon… but…